What does Black Watch Premier Burlington offer to its players...

  • Competitive rosters full of diversity and passion
  • High Level coaching expertise and teaching
  • 'Spanish' method training (passing/movement/rhythm)
  • Cutting edge facilities: UVM Virtue Field / Centennial Field / Indoor Turf
  • Academic support, tutoring and grade monitoring


To provide the best possible learning environment for the passionate youth soccer community here in Vermont.
Our coaching staff is committed to using our vast playing, and teaching background to positively impact players 

in fueling love for the game, improving soccer IQ, and consistently promoting excellent character on and off the pitch.


Black Watch Burlington offers the best soccer training program in Vermont.  

Black Watch coaches provide the experience, the leadership, and the expertise to develop high level skill and character of young athletes.

We instill a passion and joy for the game in each of our players. Unmatched by any club in the area, the Black Watch coaching staff has six coaches who have MLS, NCAA Div 1, and professional coaching experience. All of our coaches are former collegiate players, three are former professional players, and one represented his country on his respective National Team.  


Black Watch Premier (BWP) is a Club that promotes character, insight, creativity, commitment, dedication and integrity within its young members. We believe our life-line as a Club is our technical staff and the players themselves. The Club is extremely excited about having the great opportunity to work with such a professional and dedicated technical staff. The sport of soccer is all about teamwork, unity, commitment, and dedication. 

What is paramount in the eyes of the Club and the staff is dedication to learn to play the game at a very high level and to share the experience with teammates, coaches, and family.  Our goal is to build the best Club process that embodies the rhythm and passing within the game combined with the spirit of competition and cutting-edge methodology for development and preparation.  

We aim to also build a process and Club foundation that reaches all levels, abilities and is able to help everyone advance as players and in life. At BWP, our members create opportunities through their hard work, and our staff is there as mentors to help aid in that process.